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Our advisory service and comprehensive products are perfect for individual and small business clients striving to gain clarity, structure, and a solid understanding of their financial position. Having a report, with strategies, will help identify values, clearly define objectives, bridge gaps, and build a framework for long-term success. A Madam CFO Advisor is your accountability partner, with your best interest always in mind, towards a brighter future. Whether it’s achieving financial independence, retiring comfortably, portfolio management, debt elimination, saving, or creating a clear picture for your business or personal financial goals, Madam CFO has you covered. Our goal is to ensure you have a complete understanding of your financial outlook and a strategy for how to get from where you are today to where you need to be.

  • Preliminary Session A 60-minute session with a Madam CFO Advisor to:
      1) Determine your objectives and goals;
      2) Understand your current outlook and position;
      3) Assess current risks or inadequacies affecting your ability to achieve your goals; and
      4) Gather required documentation to complete a customized comprehensive report.
  • Comprehensive Report A formalized report completed with the client's data, goals, performance measures, financial statements, projections, findings, and recommendations.
  • Strategy Planning Session A 120-minute session(s) to discuss your comprehensive report, recommendations, findings, and a pathway forward. Clients will receive a copy of their report seven (7) days before the scheduled review meeting.
  • Additional:
      1) Madam CFO Check-In's
      2) Constant Contact
      3) Partnered with a Professional (optional)
      4) Investment Support

    Getting Organized


    We can’t predict the future, nor can we make guarantees about future returns or performance. What we can do is utilize artificial intelligence and technology to develop and maximize winning strategies to increase the chances of you achieving your goals.



    Provided by Client (PBC) documents are supporting documentation submitted by the Client to the Advisor. These documents are used to evaluate, assess, and audit a Client's position. All sensitive information must be redacted from documents before submission. Review the Madam CFO New Client Document Checklist on the Madam CFO Client Secure Portal.



    The purpose of the Madam CFO Agreement and Contract is to outline terms of service between a client and an advisor. The purpose of the Madam CFO Statement of Work is to outline work performed and final products. The client must review and sign the Madam CFO Agreement and Contract Documents to start the relationship of service and produce products.



    To record and maintain the accurate cost of pricing for each client, all clients are required to have their invoices paid three (3) business day prior to their first session with an advisor. All invoices will include service(s), product(s), taxes, and applicable fees.



    The purpose of the Madam CFO Client Relationship Guide is to help you understand your relationship with Madam CFO, our obligation to you, understand your advisory solutions, our corporate structure and compensation, our COOP plans, and how to resolve issues or concerns. Review the Madam CFO Client Relationship Guide at the Madam CFO Secure Client Portal.

    MCFO Sessions




    Ensure you have access to the internet, headphones (optional), and telephone. Remember to have a noise-free background. Clients should have all documents required submitted to the Madam CFO Client Secured File Portal; any delays in documents will cause delays in project schedules. Also, Clients should have a working pen or pencil and notepad ready.



    Write down your objectives and goals, any obstacles or challenges you are facing, and questions you may have.



    Keep an open mind, maintain a positive attitude, practice active listing skills, understand Rome wasn’t built in a day, brief your Advisor on any new or pending issues, challenges, or obstacles, articulate your objectives and goals, and any action items you to inform the Advisor on, take notes, and ask the Advisor for clarity if you do not understand requirements or action items.



    The Advisor will schedule the next session. Review notes from Advisor and submit supporting documentation required.


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